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Phone Comparisons: Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+ (1)

By Kristijan Lucic

April 07, 2023

The Galaxy S23+ tends to live in the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s shadow, which is kind of unfair, as it’s a great phone on its own. In this article, we’ll compare it to the best of Google, in case you’re considering getting one or the other. In other words, we’ll compare the Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+. The Galaxy S23+ does have a different design than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which some of you may prefer. On top of that, some of its specs are different. It’s different in a number of ways.

Both of these phones are compelling in their own right, but it will be interesting to see how they compare across the board. We’ll first list their specifications, and will then compare their designs, displays, performance, battery life, charging, cameras, and audio performance. Let’s get started, shall we?


Google Pixel 7 ProSamsung Galaxy S23+
Screen size6.7-inch QHD+ curved OLED LTPO display (120Hz refresh rate, 1,500 nits peak brightness)6.6-inch fullHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display (curved, 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, LTPO, 1,750 nits peak brightness)
Screen resolution3120 x 14402340 x 1080
SoCGoogle Tensor G2Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy
Storage128GB/256GB/512GB, non-expandable (UFS 3.1)256GB/512GB, non-expandable (UFS 4.0)
Rear cameras50MP (Samsung ISOCELL GN1 sensor, 1.2um pixel size, f/1.85 aperture, 82-degree FoV)
12MP (ultrawide, 1.25um pixel size, f/2.2 aperture, 125.8-degree FoV, lens correction)
48MP (telephoto, 0.7um pixel size, f/3.5 aperture, 20.6-degree FoV, 5x optical zoom, Super Res Zoom up to 30x)
50MP (f/1.8 aperture, 24mm lens, 1.0um pixel size, OIS, Dual Pixel PDAF)
12MP (ultrawide, f/2.2 aperture, 13mm lens, 120-degree FoV, 1.4um pixel size)
10MP (telephoto, f/2.4 aperture, 70mm lens, 1.0um pixel size, OIS, 3x optical zoom, PDAF)
Front cameras10.8MP (1.22um pixel size, f/2.2 aperture, 92.8-degree FoV, Fixed Focus)12MP (f/2.2 aperture, 26mm lens, Dual Pixel PDAF)
Battery5,000mAh, non-removable, 23W wired charging, 23W wireless charging, reverse wireless charger
Charger not included
4,700mAh, non-removable, 45W wired charging, 15W Qi wireless charging, 4.5W Wireless PowerShare
Charger not included
Dimensions162.9 x 76.6 x 8.9mm157.8 x 76.2 x 7.6mm
Weight212 grams196 grams
Connectivity5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C5G, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C
SecurityFace Unlock
In-display fingerprint scanner (optical)
In-display fingerprint scanner (ultrasonic)
OSAndroid 13Android 13
One UI 5.1

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+: Design

These two phones do look quite a bit different in comparison. They both do include a display camera hole, which is centered at the top, and are both made out of metal and glass, but the overall look is different. The Pixel 7 Pro has a more squarish shape, and a curved display, compared to a flat panel on the Galaxy S23+. They both do include very thin bezels all around.

Both phones come with a frame made out of aluminum. The Pixel 7 Pro has Gorilla Glass Victus on the back, while the Galaxy S23+ includes Gorilla Glass Victus 2. When you flip them around, the differences become even more obvious. The Pixel 7 Pro has a camera visor on the back, with three cameras inside it. That visor connects to the frame on the sides. The Galaxy S23+ has three separate camera islands on the back, each of which is for one camera sensor. Those cameras are vertically aligned, contrary to what we get on the Pixel 7 Pro.


The Pixel 7 Pro is taller than the Galaxy S23+, while it’s also slightly wider, though that difference is negligible. Google’s handset is thicker than the Galaxy S23+, and that is the difference you may actually notice. On top of everything, it’s also heavier by about 16 grams. Both smartphones are IP68 certified for water and dust resistance. It’s also worth noting that they’re both very slippery, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to get a case or something.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+: Display

Google’s flagship includes a 6.7-inch QHD+ (3120 x 1440) LTPO AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. That display is curved, and it supports HDR10+ content. It can also get quite bright at 1,500 nits of peak brightness. It has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio, and this panel is protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus.

Phone Comparisons: Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+ (2)

The Galaxy S23+, on the other hand, has a 6.6-inch fullHD+ (2340 x 1080) Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel. This display is flat, and it supports a 120Hz refresh rate. It does get a bit brighter than the panel on the Pixel 7 Pro, as it goes up to 1,750 nits when needed. The Galaxy S23+’s display has the same aspect ratio as the Pixel 7 Pro’s, and it’s protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus 2.


Both of these displays are excellent. They are vivid, have deep blacks, and great viewing angles. They’re also more than sharp enough, even though the Galaxy S23+’s panel is technically less sharp than the Pixel 7 Pro’s. Touch response is also good on both phones, we did not have issues at all. The Galaxy S23+’s panel does offer a bit more brightness under direct sunlight, but the difference is not that big, to be quite honest. You’ll be happy with either of these two panels, that’s for sure, just remember that one is curved, and the other flat.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+: Performance

The Pixel 7 Pro is fueled by the Google Tensor G2 SoC. On top of that, Google included 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, and UFS 3.1 flash storage. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy fuels the Galaxy S23+. That handset comes with 8GB of LPDDR5X RAM and up to 512GB of UFS 4.0 flash storage. In all three of those categories the Galaxy S23+ has an edge, as it has more powerful hardware.

They both perform great on a day-to-day basis, however. We did not experience any lagging or anything of the sort, even though the Galaxy S23+ did feel a bit snappier. When it comes to gaming, however, the Galaxy S23+ is definitely the better choice, at least if you plan on playing more graphically-advanced games. The Galaxy S23+ handled them without a problem, while the Pixel 7 Pro did have some issues with the most demanding titles. Google never claimed this phone is made for gaming, though so… there you have it.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+: Battery

The Pixel 7 Pro features a 5,000mAh battery, while the Galaxy S23+ includes a 4,700mAh battery pack. Both phones do offer great battery life, though the Galaxy S23+ is nowhere near the numbers of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. That is a bit odd, considering their specs, but there you have it. Still, the Galaxy S23+ does offer slightly better battery life than the Pixel 7 Pro, at least that was the case for us.


The Pixel 7 Pro provided around 7-7.5 hours of screen-on-time for us, at times we were able to go to 8 hours. The Galaxy S23+ usually had no issues pulling up to 8 hours of screen-on-time. Truth be said, that should be more than enough for the vast majority of users. Do note that your mileage may vary, though, due to different apps being used, different signal strengths, etc. Also, if you’re gaming, count on worse stats than these.

If you do run out of juice ahead of time, do note that the Pixel 7 Pro supports 23W wired, 23W wireless, and reverse wireless charging too. The Galaxy S23+ supports 45W wired, 15W wireless, and 4.5 reverse wireless charging. Neither phone comes with a charger, though, so do note that you’ll need to get it separately.

Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+: Cameras

There is a 50-megapixel main camera on the back of the Pixel 7 Pro, in addition to a 12-megapixel ultrawide unit (126-degree FoV), and a 48-megapixel telephoto camera (5x optical zoom). The Galaxy S23+, on the other hand, has a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultrawide unit (120-degree FoV), and a 10-megapixel telephoto camera (3x optical zoom).

Phone Comparisons: Google Pixel 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S23+ (3)


Those are all good sensors, and both phones do provide really good pictures, though different-looking ones. The Pixel 7 Pro leans towards more contrasty shots, and it truly shines in demanding HDR situations. Those pics do look a bit processed, but also excellent in general. Pixel’s camera software has outstanding image processing capabilities. The Galaxy S23+ images are a bit less contrasty, though also very sharp, and pleasant-looking.

We prefer the Pixel 7 Pro shots in low light, as the balance almost always seems to be on point. Both phones do a great job in that regard, however, and both have a tendency to brighten up dark scenes quite a bit. They also manage to control the noise really well, and pull out a lot of details from the shadows. Ultrawide cameras on both phones do keep up with the main camera in terms of color temperature, and generally do a good job. The Pixel 7 Pro offers better telephoto shots, however, mainly thanks to software.

Both phones do a good job with video recording, but not to the level of the iPhone 14 Pro series and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Overall, chances are you’ll be happy with either of these cameras, but do note the differences.


There’s a pair of stereo speakers included on both the Pixel 7 Pro and the Galaxy S23+. The speakers on both phones sound really good, actually. They’re loud enough, and detailed enough, though we’d give an edge to the Galaxy S23+. The soundstage does seem a bit wider on its speakers, and the bass is also more pronounced.


A 3.5mm headphone jack is not included on either phone. You can always utilize the Type-C port for wired audio connections, though. As far as wireless audio goes, the Pixel 7 Pro offers Bluetooth 5.2 support, while the Galaxy S23+ comes with Bluetooth 5.3.


What is the Samsung equivalent of the Google Pixel 7? ›

Software. The Pixel 7 and Galaxy S22 both run Android 13. The Pixel 7 shipped with this Android version, and the Galaxy S22 has been updated from Android 12.

Which has better camera Pixel 7 Pro or S22 Ultra? ›

The Galaxy S22 Ultra's shot, although a touch darker, is much more detailed than the Pixel 7 Pro's. At 10x zoom on both phones, the Galaxy S22 Ultra's optical zoom lens has again achieved a sharper image overall than the Pixel 7 Pro's Super Res digital zoom.

Why is Google phone better than Samsung? ›

Google phones usually hold a big edge over other Android devices by promising more immediate software updates and longer periods of support, but Samsung has undercut that with the Galaxy S22. Starting with this new phone, Samsung is promising four years of software updates, plus an additional year of security updates.

Is the Samsung or pixel camera better? ›

If you want more control, it's Samsung that offers it. But in many ways, the Pixel outperforms in daily shooting. It's better in low light, despite Samsung's efforts, while the daylight images are more realistic.

Is Google Pixel 7 worth buying? ›

Google Pixel 7 verdict

If you must have the latest and best from Google, you can't go wrong with the polished Google Pixel 7. Compared to the Pixel 6, the design is more refined, it's got the latest clever features, new photography skills and an improved high-res selfie camera.

Is Google pixel better than iPhone? ›

Photos from a Pixel usually have better dynamic range, look more colorful, and represent your skin tone more accurately than an iPhone. The Pixel has more useful and fun camera software features such as Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, Motion Mode, and more.

Is Pixel 7 Pro screen bigger than Samsung S22 Ultra? ›

Both the Pixel 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra feature 1440p OLED displays with refresh rates that top out at 120Hz. They both look great, but Samsung's is just a hair larger at 6.8 inches compared to the Pixel 7 Pro's 6.7 inches.

What phone is better than S22 Ultra? ›

OnePlus 10 Pro: Price and availability. The OnePlus 10 Pro's big edge over the Galaxy S22 Ultra emerges when you compare prices for the two phones. OnePlus charges $899 for its flagship, a $300 discount off the Galaxy S22 Ultra's $1,199. Both base models come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Is Samsung Internet better than Google? ›

So, the major differences come by way of customization, cross-platform synchronization, and so on. Samsung Internet is the more customizable option of the two. Its Secret mode is also more robust than Chrome's Incognito.

What is Google's best selling phone? ›

That's right, 2022's Pixel 6a, 7, and 7 Pro have just been crowned as the "best selling generation of phones" ever launched by Google by none other than CEO Sundar Pichai in Alphabet's latest quarterly earnings call.

Which Galaxy S23 has the best camera? ›

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best camera phones you can buy, with a whopping 200-megapixel main camera, up to 100x zoom and a ton of useful software features for fine-tuning your shots.

Why Pixel is better than other Android phones? ›

Being a Google-made phone, the Pixel is optimized to make better use of Google apps and services than any other Android phone. It's also free from bloatware, receives quick updates, and gets new Pixel Feature Drops every few months to increase the device's usability.

Is Google pixel best or not? ›

Best Android smartphone. The Pixel 7 offers the best version of Android, with guaranteed security updates through fall 2027—plus the best Android smartphone camera we've ever tested.

Is the Pixel 7 Pro worth the extra money? ›

TL;DR: Yes, but you might want to wait. The Pixel 7 Pro has a ton of things going for it. It looks great. Its Android 13 software is bliss to use and its multicamera array on the back takes stunning photos that comfortably rival shots from Apple's best phone.

Is Pixel 7 worth buying in 2023? ›

Hence, there's nothing that suggests the Pixel 7 has lost its worth in 2023. It's a no-frills device that does what it's supposed to. It comes with solid specifications, is perfect for any task, and won't make too much of a difference in the future.

How long does the Pixel 7 last? ›

Using Extreme Battery Saver mode, Google says the two phones will be able to last up to 72 hours.
How much battery does the Pixel 7 have?
Pixel 7 modelBattery capacity
Pixel 7 Pro5,000mAh
1 more row
May 11, 2023

Why Google Pixel is so good? ›

Google Pixel 6 display

It's an OLED, like many flagship models in 2022, and this means it's capable of better contrast. The screen also has a 90Hz refresh rate, which makes scrolling and animations far more fluid compared to most iPhone models other than the 13 Pro.

Does Google pixel 7 Pro have wireless charging? ›

Requirements for Pixel Stand

Your Pixel Stand can charge any phone that works with Qi wireless charging, like the Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or Pixel 7a phones. If you're not sure if your phone uses Qi, check your phone's tech specs or contact the manufacturer.

Will Samsung S23 have SD card? ›

The Galaxy S23 does not have an SD card slot

Simply put, no, the Galaxy S23 doesn't have a slot for microSD cards. In fact, none of the models in the S23 line do — meaning you don't get the option with the Galaxy S23 Plus or Galaxy S23 Ultra either. Unfortunately, this isn't surprising for Samsung.

How much memory do I need on Pixel 7 Pro? ›

The storage options are also identical to last year — 128GB and 256GB. The Pixel 7's camera performance is said to be improved, so you might prefer the 256GB model. But if you don't click many pictures, record many videos, or play a lot of games, the 128GB variant should be more than fine for you.

Is Pixel 7 Pro waterproof? ›

Pixel 7 Pro, 7, 6a, 6 Pro, 6, 5a (5G), 5, 4, 3, and 2 phones are designed to be water-resistant. But normal wear and tear can reduce water-resistance.

Which Samsung has the highest pixel camera? ›

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The topmost variant of the newly launched Galaxy S22 Series, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (review) comes with a 108MP main camera sensor.

Which Samsung phone has the highest pixel density? ›

The epic Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G currently sits at the top of the table when it comes to the highest screen resolution with a sensational 3088 x 1440, equating to 500 pixels per inch.

Which phone can beat Samsung S23 Ultra? ›

If you want a large display with a high resolution that looks spectacular, the 6.8-inch dynamic AMOLED 2x display on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would be perfect for you. However, if you want a display that tends to handle colours in a more realistic manner, then we would suggest you go for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Is S22 the best phone? ›

It may be a year old but the Samsung Galaxy S22 remains an excellent compact phone, with superb performance and an excellent camera being particular highlights. However, it's let down by lacklustre battery life.

Is it worth upgrading to S23 Ultra? ›

For Galaxy S20 Ultra owners: Upgrading to the S23 Ultra will deliver noticeable improvements, especially if you purchased the Galaxy S20 Ultra at launch. For owners of Galaxy S10 and older phones: Upgrade recommended for most users -- you'll see significant performance improvements from this 2019 phone.

What are the weaknesses of Google pixel 7? ›

Very slow charging by the standards of the day. Certain software and hardware features are regionally limited - 5G, VoLTE, and much of the onboard AI stuff (though admittedly, so is the phone's availability, to begin with). Ultrawide camera is underwhelming in low light.

What is the failure of Google Pixel? ›

It is believed that Google failed to sell its Pixel devices in India due to its Soli Radar chip on the front, which utilised the 60GHz frequency band banned for commercial use in India. However, Google later on scrapped that feature.

What is the lifespan of a Google Pixel? ›

Unlike some other Android phones, you can rest assured that your Pixel phone will be supported for at least five years too.

What is secret mode on Samsung? ›

Secret mode gives you the same browsing experience as you would normally experience in Samsung Internet, but with extra privacy and protection. Cookies and browsing history for any websites you visit in Secret mode will be erased from your phone as soon as all your Secret mode tabs are closed.

Do you need a Google on a Samsung? ›

Create a Google account

When using your Galaxy phone, you often need a Google account as well as a Samsung account. Most apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it is recommended that you log in to your Google account to keep them updated.

How do I use Google instead of Samsung Internet? ›

How to Change Your Phone's Default Web Browser
  1. Open the Settings app on your Android smartphone.
  2. From there, tap on the Apps tab.
  3. Now select Default apps. ...
  4. Tap on Browser app.
  5. From here, choose your selected web browser from the ones that you've downloaded from the Google Play Store and you're good to go.
Nov 25, 2021

What is the number 1 best-selling phone? ›

Apple Phones

The iPhone 13, which alone contributes 28% of iPhone sales—nearly one-third proportion— is the best-selling mobile phone in 2022.

How well is the Pixel 7 selling? ›

According to these surveys, 30 of the 39 respondents claimed sales for the Pixel 7 series were stronger than its predecessors, with one AT&T rep noting that the Pixel 7 Pro is an often successful upsell over Google's base model.

What is the best-selling smartphone today? ›

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.
  • Samsung Galaxy M14 vs Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G.
  • iQOO Neo 6 5G vs realme GT Neo 3T 5G.
  • realme 10 Pro 5G vs OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G.
  • OnePlus 11 vs OnePlus 11R.
  • POCO X5 Pro vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G.

Is Samsung S23 worth buying? ›

The bottom line: Yes, if you have a Galaxy S10 it's worth upgrading to the Galaxy S23. You'll get 5G support, access to new versions of Android, longer battery life, a faster new processor and a much-improved camera. But be prepared to say goodbye to the microSD card slot.

How old is Samsung S23? ›

Samsung Galaxy S23
S23 (left), S23+ (center), S23 Ultra (right)
Compatible networks2G / 3G / 4G LTE / 5G NR
First released1 February 2023
Availability by region17 February 2023
PredecessorSamsung Galaxy S22
33 more rows

Does the S23 take good photos? ›

With a DXOMARK Camera score of 133, the Samsung Galaxy S23 delivered a good result in our tests, thanks to a very well-balanced performance, which makes it a good option for a wide variety of users. It was capable of capturing high quality images in most light conditions and scenes, including nightscapes.

Is Pixel smoother than Samsung? ›

The Galaxy S22 has a brighter, smoother, and more uniform screen and a smaller profile, but the battery life suffers while costing significantly more. The Pixel 7 feels a bit smoother in normal use, and its exclusive features are hard to give up once you try them.

Which Android version is best? ›

Android 12 is one of Google's best updates, as not only did it feature meaningful changes to the software, but it also debuted on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, heralding a great new way forward for Google's hardware designs.

Do you get unlimited storage with Google pixel? ›

Manage your storage. Important: If you have a Pixel 5 or earlier, you receive unlimited storage for photos and videos backed up from your device at no charge. Learn more about your storage options.

Does the pixel 7 have a headphone jack? ›

No, the Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro do not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can use wired USB-C headphones, a USB-C to headphone adapter, or make use of wireless earbuds.

Is Pixel 7 made by Samsung? ›

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are a pair of Android smartphones designed, developed, and marketed by Google as part of the Google Pixel product line.

Did Samsung make the Google pixel? ›

Google Pixel is a brand of portable consumer electronic devices developed by Google that run either ChromeOS or the Android operating system.
Google Pixel.
ManufacturerGoogle, various
TypeSmartphones, tablets, laptops
Release dateFebruary 21, 2013
Operating systemChromeOS and Android
3 more rows

Is Google pixel 7 waterproof? ›

Pixel 7 Pro, 7, 6a, 6 Pro, 6, 5a (5G), 5, 4, 3, and 2 phones are designed to be water-resistant. But normal wear and tear can reduce water-resistance. To help your Pixel phone last longer, avoid actions that could lead to water damage.

Is Google pixel better than iPhone 7? ›

Based on the numbers, the Pixel offers sharper and crisper images, but the iPhone 7's display is still excellent, even if the resolution is slightly lower than its competition. The iPhone 7 also has 3D Touch, which is Apple's version of a pressure sensitive display.

Why are Pixel phones so cheap? ›

In a bid to reduce costs, Google's designers and engineers worked to build the device in a way that reduced the need for extraneous materials and labor. "[The Pixel 4a] is easier to manufacture, so it takes less people to put it together," Rakowski said.

How long is Pixel 7 supported? ›

Pixel 6 and later phones will get updates for at least 5 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US.

Does Pixel 7 have wireless charging? ›

Requirements for Pixel Stand

Your Pixel Stand can charge any phone that works with Qi wireless charging, like the Pixel 4, Pixel 5, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or Pixel 7a phones. If you're not sure if your phone uses Qi, check your phone's tech specs or contact the manufacturer.

How long does a Pixel phone last? ›

Nearly every software update brings enhancements, new features, and performance improvements. Unlike some other Android phones, you can rest assured that your Pixel phone will be supported for at least five years too.

How many years of support do Pixel phones get? ›

Pixel phones are supported with guaranteed software updates for three years. Starting with the Pixel 6, Google has committed to at least five years of security updates, extending an additional two years beyond the 3-year Android version update commitment.

Why is Pixel 7 overheating? ›

Pixel 7 And 6 Owners Blame Google App For Massive Battery Drain And Overheating Issues. A deluge of Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users are reporting high battery usage and overheating, which seems to be linked to the Google app after the latest May 2023 security update.

Does Pixel 7 have overheating issues? ›

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series of devices seem to be running into battery and overheating issues for some after installing the May 2023 security patch, according to a report from 9to5Google on Monday. Google says the issue has been resolved.

Does Pixel 7 get hot easily? ›

What to do if your phone gets too hot. If your phone is too hot, disconnect it from its power source if it's plugged in, move it to a cooler place, and do not use it until it has cooled down. You can also contact Pixel support.

Can Pixel 7 beat iPhone 14? ›

Google Pixel 7 vs iPhone 14: Battery life and performance

But in real-world practice, the iPhone 14 actually beats the Pixel 7, thanks to the optimisation of the iOS operating system. The Pixel 7 has a maximum charging speed of 30W, while the iPhone 14 only supports 20W.

Is Pixel 7 laggy? ›

Also, for some users, the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro screen scrolling is lagging or stuttering. This is especially noticeable in social media apps whose feed requires a lot of vertical scrolling.


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